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A Sustainable Christmas

Posted by Michael Finucane on

A Sustainable Christmas


Christmas …Shop Smart!

Let’s be honest: Christmas shopping for presents, food, drink and clothes puts a huge strain on everyone. The average household in Ireland this year will spend almost €2,700 on gifts alone and the total market is worth around €4.65 billion … which is hugely positive in terms of jobs sustained and taxes collected … but it is also a lot of unnecessary packaging waste, transport and manufacturing pollution, not to mention stress!

And what we want as a society seems to be changing. I’m looking at lots of posts on Social Media from friends and family asking each other to consider what wrapping paper is recyclable, if their tree is from a sustainable forest, whether crackers full of plastic toys that are immediately binned is necessary. And this is not humourless posturing… these are small, but important changes that will make a difference to our environment and equally important, how we feel about ourselves.
The first step to sustainability is ‘Reuse’ and in Ireland we switched onto this a long time ago. We have history of thinking outside of the box and have actually been putting our money into this for years … long before it became fashionable or VSCO friendly to be seen doing it!

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