Why Your Company Should Use Re-Used Technology? Are You Throwing Away Your Money!

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Working practices have really changed over the years and smart companies use smart practices; be it working from home, remote working, being in the field, flexible working hours, being on call and lots of other permutations that allow companies and their staff to enjoy a more productive modern working environment. 

What all these practices rely on however, is being in touch and a company smart phone is an essential part of most people’s ‘tool box’!

However, this can be a significant outlay for many companies … when you can buy a Notebook laptop for under €200, it is incredible that a late edition, premium smart phone will cost easily over €1,000!

It doesn’t have to be this way!  As well as using smart practices for smart companies, you can use Smartspot for Business to provide a cost-effect, flexible alternative to this expensive necessity and there are lots of benefits to this!

Save money!
The most obvious benefit to companies in buying Used Phones is cost. With savings of at least 33% on reconditioned, Grade A devices in perfect physical condition, it is difficult to understand why all companies are not choosing to cut their Capital Expenditure by buying Used!

More Bang For Your Buck!
If your budget has always kept you in the mid-range market for devices, Pre-owned technology allows you to widen the bandwidth and go after the high-end, premium models for the same price!  If prestige matters to your clients, or your employees can do more from their phone and you save money, it seems to be a situation where everybody is winning! 


Also, Pre-owned allows flexibility and choice.  No longer are companies tied into certain platform owners in order to get the best price on bulk buying.  If 3 of your field agents like Apple and 2 love Samsung … this is now an option.

Be The Master of Your Own Destiny!
Phones that come as part of a line or data ‘bundle’ are presented as ‘free’ or ‘reduced’ in price, but the cost is factored into your monthly payment and length of the contract you are locked into.

Pre-owned phones come unlocked, allowing you complete freedom to find the best Sim only deals on the market and change quickly as your companies needs change, or the offers are better elsewhere.


Replacement Cycles
In the same way that Used Phones allow you flexibility in service provider and contract length, not to mention brand; Pre-owned phones also allow companies to realise the return on their investment more quickly.  If you have paid less, spent less on the contract and have used the phone intensely … replace it!  This is particularly applicable if your devices are going to be getting heavy use or if what your phone is says something about your business … reliability and relatability are valuable intangible assets to your company!


It’s Good To Be GREEN!
One of the main reasons, commonly overlooked, that the Used phone business market has grown so impressively over that last few years, is in addition to the cost benefit, there is a reputational advantage in having a voluntary, Sustainability Policy.

Many companies trumpet their Green credentials, but they are really only making superficial changes, many mandated by legislation anyway.  Choosing Pre-owned is a positive, proactive decision.  There are PR opportunities, both internally and externally in being able to express your business’s recognition that the mobile industry’s cycle of constant new releases and expensive marketing is extremely not good for the environment. 


Added to which, the huge waste inherent in disposing of perfectly good handsets is incredibly difficult to justify – it is inspirational to see businesses who don’t just stick a logo on their website, but actually walk the walk in terms of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.


How Your Company Can Start to Make Smart Choices!
Smartspot is a retailer of Used mobile phones and technology.  Our minimum business purchase is just 3 devices and these can be across a selection of what we have, from a wide range of Apple and Samsung phones; only Grade A stock is available and the marginal VAT scheme applies.  

If you are looking to be smarter, contact us on +353 46 905 2821 or email us at smarties@smartspot.ie 

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