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We use our smartphones all day every day, our phone is dirty and full of germs. From first thing in the morning to the last thing at night we are constantly touching it. Besides our smartphone we also touch a LOT of other surfaces every day in fact your toilet is probably cleaner than your smartphone. Recent studies suggest that as an example these 5 things have considerably less bacteria than your Smartphone:


  • Toilet Seat
  • Kitchen Counter
  • Pet Food Bowl
  • Supermarket Checkout screen
  • Door Handle

So If you use your phone in the bathroom...most of us do! Its time to clean it!
Now you could use a wipe but we've been looking for some alternatives and we found SteriBox. You can safely disinfect your phone and other things too using SteriBox with its 4 x UVC High Power LED lights which disinfects your phone in under a minute. Built-in rechargeable battery, good for 40 sterilisations on a full charge.


• Smartphone (up to 6.5“)
• Keys
• Glasses
• Masks
• Comforter
• Watch
• Jewellery
• and much more .

Re-use your mask without washing or buying new ones all the time.


Quick 360° sterilisation in just 1 minute

• Highly effective thanks to 4 x high power UVC LEDs
• Disinfect your smartphone without damaging it with conventional disinfectants
• Re-use your mask without washing
• Suitable for keys, glasses, masks, comforter, watches, jewellery, smartphones.
• Kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria
• Portable and easy to use
• Built-in long lasting lithium battery

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